Based on a true story.

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Summer 1990, in a small town somewhere in Azerbaijan an event took place for which it’s residents have yet to find an explanation. It happened in a very special little town located between the foothills of the Caucasus mountains and a small river running down to the Caspian sea. There were only two roads in and out of this town. Either the narrow road from the mountains or the long bridge over the river leading to the big cities. Strangers would rarely find themselves driving through this town considering that only very few people lived up the mountains.
Let’s assume…

Short Life Lessons:

We spend most of our time working in dead-end jobs and numb ourselves in front of screens when we are home. Are we wasting our lives?

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My father once told me an anecdote that stuck with me ever since:

Two friends went out for a walk to the local graveyard. During their walk, they passed dozens of tombstones. One of the friends noticed the numbers on the tombstones and asked the other: “What’s going on with these numbers? They don’t add up!”

He points at the tombstone next to him. “It says 1902 to1975. And below it says, he lived 8 years.” Then he points at another tombstone. “ There it says, 1933–1990, but the note says that she lived only 5 years.”

The other friend…

Software Developer Stories:

What I’ve learned from my first job as a self-taught software developer and what I wished I’d known before.

How I got there: After my first semester at university, more than 10 years ago, I began questioning my choice to study business administration. The lectures felt a lot like those “How to make money with X” talks, where they go on and talk for an hour but afterwards you feel like you have learned nothing concrete or tangible. But I powered through, because my family convinced me that this was how you got a great job and make lots of money.

So, long story short, I powered through my whole business administration career for 8 years. I went from…

Side Hustle Lessons:

How I earn money without any specific skills other than a little bit of Marketing.

After selling my small IT business two years ago I tried to find a new job. I thought that my 5 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur would be worth something to someone but it turned out, the opposite was the case. Since I’m not a person who will sit around and wait for a new job, I decided to act. So I started a small Online Marketing Agency from home (bear with me, these lessons don’t only apply to just this kind of business) — meaning, I created a brand and made a website. The plan was to…

How to AirBnb:

… give or take.

So you probably want to know how to become a Superhost in a really short period of time, specifically 14 days. Of course you do, you clicked on the title. It is hard but it is possible. I mean, WE did it and we are no geniuses, at least not to my knowledge. 😅 Though we might have just been lucky.

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So here is how this guide works: I will be citing the rules from the AirBnb help page and commenting on them below. Here we go!

Completed at least 10 trips OR completed 3 reservations that total at least…

… I thought it was funny when I made this. WHat do you think?

Every year it’s the same story. In summer…

Coding Lesson:

…is just a bullsh** claim! This is the truth about learning to code online.

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As a young entrepreneur I often have business ideas that involve a bit of coding, for instance: make a website that provides X service, make a software that solves X problem or, so far my most delusional idea of all, make a video game and get filthy rich selling it.

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Consequently, I found myself looking for ways how to learn coding. About 10 years ago there were only books and websites with boring and incomprehensible text, so that put me off. At some point I decided to enroll for one semester at the local technical university, but…

Cartoon about Gaming and losing touch with reality
Cartoon about Gaming and losing touch with reality
© Made by Me(Mike)

When you play video games you sometimes lose…

How to Business:

…and you might not even know it yet!

This is a lesson I learned the hard way: Businesses have an inherent need for growth. Otherwise, they are subject to risk and failure.

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After my graduation in International Business Administration and the mandatory internship (at an oil company), I tried to get a job in Marketing and Sales. However, at the time, I did not understand the “intern economy” we live in and declined all offers for ANOTHER internship or trainee-ship. I wanted a REAL job. My naivety and resulting arrogance were incredible. Since it seemed impossible to get a REAL job, I thought: “If nobody is willing to…

Business Stories

This is my story of how I stumbled into making money on Airbnb without owning, renting or investing my own money. Until I get to the main part, I think I need to start a bit further in the past.

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A few years ago my girlfriend and I took a year off and went on a journey around the world. And because of the lack of income during that time, our budget was really tight. Hence we used Airbnb apartments A LOT, instead of booking expensive hotels or uncomfortable hostels. And when we came back we tried to think of what we had learned and how we could change our lives in the future. We thought of all the people we had met including our Airbnb hosts. Our hosts were nice, middle class people. They were very hospitable but had…

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